I wanted to start this blog in an attempt to repay some of the life-saving and life-changing support and kindness I have had from not only my brilliant friends, but from so many women I have met through my job and in the ordinary course of my daily existence.

More often than not these women have reached out to me without any duty on them to do so, and without any obvious gain. But still they have offered understanding, empathy and, incredibly, a breath-taking honesty about their own lives, allowing me a perspective on whatever I see as my terrible failings or balls ups at that time.

Sometimes I have been left heartbroken at just what some of us are coping with on a day to day basis, with such dignity, humour and complete lack of self pity.

At others I have been left crying, with laughter I might add, at their “take” on life, men, kids( young or old), work, success and failure and getting older.

My hope is for a contributing community as varied and amazing as the women I know and love, full of wit, kindness, honesty and support and allowing us to find something positive in every day.



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