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Count Your Blessings

When anyone says this to me they usually then start to list off a load of stuff like having a job, a roof over your head etc,etc. This is all fine and I agree, they are important.

However I start with my friends, and I have an abundance of blessings here.

It was my turn very recently to hit some tough times and, Thank God, there they were; spiritually placing their arms around me, comforting and supporting me until I had the strength of mind and will to get back up again. If the quality of my friends equals wealth then I am rich beyond compare.

Good people are thankfully not that hard to come by, but good friends are life’s treasures; their love, support and shared memories beyond any price.

I send my love and appreciation to you all. xx

Finding Peace

I have witnessed someone close to me struggle with and shout at life for many, many years. Now, in a much weakened state, you would think they would see the sense in conserving their energy; energy that could help them regain better health. But, very sadly, I have found that inner turmoil and anger still to the fore. I can see it driven by fear now, as control of their life seems to be disappearing.

I used to believe I could help, that their unhappiness was my fault, but, thankfully, I have been able to break free from that misconception. It took a long time for me to understand, but, as I have touched on in recent posts, we are responsible for our own happiness and mental well-being.

I hope and pray my mother finds some inner peace and the joy of life that has eluded her all these years.

Heart Vs Head..The Constant Battle

In responding to a previous comment, it highlighted something that writing this blog has brought into sharp focus; the constant inner battle between my instinct and my intellect.

I understand a lot of what makes me feel better, helps make me a better version of who I am, and the people and processes that enrich my life. I can  discuss, at length, the ideal mental attitude to help me achieve both physical and emotional harmony.( or a move in that direction anyway)

So, WHY, would someone please explain to me, does this process go into short-circuit somewhere in my body?

Can our heads and our hearts ever work in “sync” or are they mutually exclusive processes?

During a deep and meaningful conversation with a good friend we discussed protecting our “souls”, the essence of who we are, and how much we risk when we love someone or something. So, if my head were in control what would I do?  Isolate myself?  Put a ring of steel around my heart so I didn’t suffer hurt or humiliation?

My instinct yells “NO”!  With every pore of my being, and accepting of the strife and stress that comes with it, NO!

Physical and emotional harmony are wonderful ideals; something to aspire to and work towards, but love and life are worth the risks.