Welcome to The Fellowship of the Vagina

I chose the title of this blog with one aim in mind; to keep men out!. Okay, you may think it odd then to put “vagina” in there as they may actually make them curious. Perhaps I should have put in “period pain”, “menstruation” or “change of life” as we all know that would have them run a mile! But I also wanted to choose something worth rejoicing about and so ” Vagina” it is. It’s great to be a woman.

I would like to welcome all of you to this blog and explain my hope to offer positive support to the wonderful women I know, to those I meet every day through my work and to all those women I don’t know but who, nevertheless, belong to the community of women coping with life in all its varying degrees of joy, frustration, misery and wonder.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate men. In fact I want to learn from them. I want to support my own sex as they do theirs. I long for the day when the size of our ass or our boobs, the wrinkles (or lack of) on our faces, or how clean or dirty our house is, is NOT what defines us to each other. My ass has dropped, my boobs are following and my house…. well, just don’t go there. So what! I’m actually quite a nice person ( It has taken years of counselling for me to say that by the way).

Love who you are right now, perfection can wait.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to The Fellowship of the Vagina

    1. Cheers Stella.
      I appreciate you taking the time.
      See, this is what I mean. Knowing I have friends like you in my corner have carried me through so many bad times. How lucky am I!
      Went to get hypnotised to lose weight and it seems to be working. It’s this virtual tummy tuck thingie! Don’t laugh but someone was offering sweets around in work and suddenly, when they came to me, I heard a voice saying “No thank you. I don’t eat sweets” and guess what!! It was me saying it! Go figure. I actually looked around to see who said it. I think the other person nearly fainted too!! I’ll wear a name badge next time you see me in case you don’t recognise me. LOL


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