To Rant or Not To Rant

I have spent some time expressing what I hope this blog will become. What I had hoped it would NOT become is a rant…….but that was before to-day, and certain men behaving just like….. men!

Right now, if I never see one of the little darlings again it will be too soon! I was about to say words fail me, but they don’t. The problem is they are all very, very rude and writing them down has nowhere near the therapeutic effect of letting them spill forth, with a huge amount of bile adding a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the saying of them.

I do love swearing; I mean really love it. It has saved me, many times, from choking the living daylights out of some people. I just say ” fine,” ( through gritted teeth) and then walk away to somewhere kind of private, and  curse them to hell and back again( with bells on).

Now  apparently this  can worry/scare a few people, but, honestly, far more worrying are the folk that choke it all down, keep their mouths firmly shut and say absolutely nothing; not a word. All of us have a breaking point and I just hope I’m not in the firing line when these people find theirs.

Anger, and the ability to express it productively, is a huge problem for a lot of my female friends. Society still seems to have issues with women and anger. We are viewed with suspicion and labelled as trouble-makers. An angry man is a man with strong opinions and driven; an angry woman is a pain in the ass with mental health issues!

I think its in the world of the tarantulas that, when they have finished mating, the female then kills the male! Now, even I think that’s a bit harsh; she could at least let him enjoy a post coital nap before offing him, but I bet those male spiders know when to shut the hell up.


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