Get Right Back Up Again !!

My theme is all about women supporting women, and Good God, have I needed some of that this last two days.

Life just has a way of knocking  you flat on your backside now and again and, without the support and kindness of good friends, where would we be. It’s not all about the huge obstacles in life; more often than not it’s about the “death by a thousand cuts” type of dripping pressure that can break us emotionally and physically. I have at times felt I can’t, or don’t want to, get up again; that it’s just too much.

But this is where the love and warmth of my friends has given me the secure space and time to catch my breath, and also the reassurance of being loved ( confirming I am worthy of this.)

And so I am back, freshly showered, dressed and make up on! Not a lot by some standards but it’s big stuff for me right now. I can now put the issues that bothered me into perspective and accept that life is good……at times, and at times it sucks.  If we don’t have the crap times how will we enjoy the good ones.

But it’s having that space, that breathing space; a secure, warm and cared-for space, that has allowed me to get my “mojo” back.

Thank you to all those who care for me and here’s to life, warts and all!

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