Wonderful, wonderful women!!

I started this blog to rejoice in the strength and positivity of the women I know and those I meet on a day to day basis.

Very recently I met a young woman with two beautiful daughters under 10 and a very busy husband. Everything looked ideal. Suddenly, when she and were chatting alone, tears started to roll down her face as she explained this has been a very difficult year for her. She didn’t manage to get to the crux of whatever issue was troubling her because one of her little girls rushed up needing attention. Just like a mother, she quickly wiped her tears away before turning to her daughter, laughing and encouraging her. The moment had passed and we smiled in recognition of it as she moved away to gather up her girls and get their lunch sorted. Just one woman reaching out to another and my being a virtual stranger made it easier, no loss of face or image to keep up. I worry did she find any solace, any comfort. I believe she knew I understood because don’t we all. Don’t we all know the place she is in, because at some point we have all been there…. and most probably will be again.

Tonight, roughly two hours ago, I met another woman, and within minutes we were laughing at how we seemed to be living each others lives, the commonality of our “problems” quite staggering. We chatted as if we had known each other for years and could have quite happily have spent the entire night sharing stories and anecdotes. Her energy and love of life was palpable. A real joy to meet.

These two stories may seem to be at opposite ends of anyone’s scale but they have a very significant link. None of us were afraid of the others scorn or condemnation. We wanted to be, and were, open and honest and all in an atmosphere of support and empathy.

Now I have to admit to enjoying a bit of a “Joan Rivers” type of humour at times; most of us have. But long after the laughter that kind of empty bitchiness allows us has left our lips, the kindness and warmth of women will stay with me.

I actually think we are quite amazing!!

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