Two Ears, One Mouth; Remember….

How many of you talk to someone about your problems/issues of the moment in expectation of them being able to offer an answer or to fix your ills?

I doubt the number answering yes to this is actually that high. I believe what most of us hope for is in fact a listening ear, one without judgement. If you are lucky enough to find this you will often hear the solution yourself; as you express yourself in an atmosphere of honesty and trust you are able to feel and appreciate the alternative views of whatever troubles you.

So, the next time a friend or loved one needs to talk, will you remember this? Or will you, in an effort to show your love and concern, try to fix  them? No-one can fix another, but you can offer a safe place, a place of trust and constancy and , I believe most importantly of all, one without judgement or scorn.

And, before you go offering any potentially life-changing advice ask yourself; “Am I qualified  to know what is best for this person right now?” I know I couldn’t, no matter how much I may want to.

That said,………….. if my girlfriend reaches for the skin-toned leggings to wrap, around her rather chubby, cellulite riddled thighs, do you think I’m going to butt in with my opinion???

You bet I am!!

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