That’s the sigh of relief that comes with a sense of accomplishment. Okay, so I took a bit of a detour from my plan of getting the workie bits out of the way before I spent some time just suiting myself. I had a lovely relaxing bath, listened to my music and sang along to my hearts content. ( bet you are glad you couldn’t hear that bit. You should be).

But what’s it all about, honestly? I was nearly ready to go out and clean the dammed windows in the middle of the night rather than tackle that lousy report. And, you know, when I did actually start I had it sorted in, at the most, 15 minutes! Why oh why did I let that hang over me, like a huge axe about to fall, for the entire weekend.

Happily I am still in a very positive mood, but I am determined to stop allowing things like this to have so much power over me. I will take the control back from places, people or stuff that threatens to dominate me or my life.

No-one can break me without my co-operation.

4 thoughts on “Aaaahhhhh………

  1. It’s a good realisation, that no-one can break us without our co-operation, if not always easy to remember! The moment we take responsibility for EVERYTHING in our own lives is the moment we can change ANYTHING in our lives.


    1. I agree Janet. The dilemma is whether or not we are willing to pay the price, whatever we do. I don’t mean we’re dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t; that is the glass half empty mindset. It’s just about understanding that there are consequences to everything, both action AND inaction. I feel that is quite empowering and takes the threat out of a lot of life events.
      I mean, you may as well have an input to the outcome as change will happen regardless.
      Thanks for your input.


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