Mental Blocks….

I would really love to know why, at times of heightened stress, does my mind, body, (whatever), prevent me carrying out the simplest of tasks that would undoubtedly help alleviate that stress.

Why do I mentally block my own path to relief?

I could blame the weather, the time of year and dozens of other meaningless fall-guys, but it comes down to me. It’s about me trying to hide from the issues nagging at my conscience and sabotaging my peace of mind.

And yes, of course we all know these things are often so innocuous, so easily sorted, as to be almost laughable; ALMOST.

I know I am not on my own, so tell me please, why do we do it?

The funny thing is I would tackle a dozen bigger tasks, simply to avoid that one thing; that crippling, soul-sucking thing that haunts my dreams. Then, to top it all, just in case the panic inside me threatens to bubble up, I shove it all back down with biscuits, chocolate or anything else that gives a momentary reprieve from it all.

So I am breathing deeply as I open my other laptop, switch it on and, as it boots up, I have already started scratching out the notes I need for my presentation.

What was all the fuss about?

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