Lighten The Load

Friends of mine are getting ready to sell their house and I have watched, week after week, as they get rid of “stuff” in preparation for the move. Mmm, I thought. So, I came home and looked around, looked at what I would have to pack up if I was to move house.

I have only moved once since getting married and having three children, and when I think about the amount of rubbish I carefully wrapped and packed and then paid (dearly) for a removal company to haul for me, well, it takes my breath away. To avoid making a decision about an item I just brought it with me and, only recently, we found three still unopened boxes of goods in our garage that have been there for eleven years. Boy, they were really important weren’t they!

But it’s not all about changing location. There is a beauty and a clarity to ridding your home, your environment, of items that serve no purpose and drain you of energy by clogging up your cupboards, your wardrobes and, most importantly, your mind. So throw it out.

I have bought all the “storage solutions” on the market, from vacuum bags to pretty wicker baskets and I may as well have thrown my money down the drain. As soon as I store the damned things I instantly forget about them, so, if I do need whatever it is again I end up buying another one!  So throw it out.

Another friend, who is a counsellor and a very good one, reckons we spend the first half of our lives accumulating “stuff”, believing this equates to success and happiness. Then, if we are lucky, we gain a certain wisdom/insight, and spend the second half of our lives trying to get rid of that very same “stuff”, having realised that goods, property, possessions, call it what you will, are usually impediments to true happiness and contentment.  So throw it out.

So I have started slowly. It’s a hoot. I have found things I didn’t even know I had, never mind lost. I threw them out.(donated them). I opened bags of clothes and bags given to me “just in case I could use them”, so I threw them out ( donated them).

Forget your Victoran clutter. You can have my share of it. This is so liberating. Clear spaces equal a clear mind. I even have a place for my car keys now!!

2 thoughts on “Lighten The Load

  1. So glad you said “lighten the load” as opposed to “blow the load”!!

    Bang on – try living in an apartment & see how much “stuff” you can accumulate before having to do spring (& summer, autumn and winter) cleans.

    Being a messy messer, I’m prone to accumulating things like a magpie, but a good clear out is great therapy – better, I reckon, than the retail therapy that caused it! Now THERE’S an idea for marketeers – promote spending followed by shredding….

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    1. Ah, well, there’s a whole other subject. Yes, if I didn’t practice the retail therapy bit I reckon I could free up another two rooms in my house!! I am always convinced those new shoes are going to sort out all my woes. Okay they don’t but I can look at my pretty feet while I cry into my beer!!


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