What’s Out There to Rescue You?

Because there is something, somewhere.

I’ve just found my life-line again and I thank whatever power it is that brought it back to me.

Actually, that power came in the form of my daughter signing me up to a music app on my phone, with a seemingly inexhaustible source of my shite taste (according to my kids) in this amazing art form.

And I am blown away! Years, cares, sadness, illness……all just slipped away.

Music was always my go-to escape, my fantasy land and my sanctuary. Not that I can make music!

In fact, many would say I couldn’t carry a note in a bucket. And I would have to agree.

But it’s carrying me!

And for now that’s just fine.

Thank you Daughter Dear, so much. Xxxxx

2 thoughts on “What’s Out There to Rescue You?

  1. Go you Becky…download the play tracks we sang to on the way to work .lol..should bring back a few chuckles…ohhhh and the Bat out of hell stuff😜😜lol.


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