Lazy Mare! ( I wish)

I am sooo sorry to have neglected this blog in what is its infancy! I know some folk say they are really busy, but seriously, this last week has nearly put me over the edge, under the weather and totally round the twist, all at the same time!! Without wishing to sound completely paranoid I think the bastards are all out to get me! There you go, no mental health issues at all!!

I have called myself “lazy” in the title but that is not something I suffer from. No, in fact it is something I aspire to. I hope some day to sit on my fat ass and do absolutely nothing; not a bloody thing… all! I think I will eat chocolates as I sit on my ass, and perhaps read ( or write) a book or two, all the while watching the world go by.

Not sure of my chances of this though. As the title implies I have a vagina and, similar to all the other owners of such wonderful organs that I know, our lot is not to sit on our asses but to work them off! Shouldn’t middle-age spread only apply to men in that case. Oh but silly me, they don’t sit around either; they play golf, rugby ( mmm, might be worth it!), football ( not so much) and other such pastimes to ensure their asses stay firm and round. Be thankful for small mercies ladies; it gives us something good to look at when we are almost in a coma!

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