Look Into My Eyes………….

I’ve tried them all, seriously, ALL OF THEM !

And some have even worked for a time. Most recently I was hypnotised and simultaneously gave up “Dieting” once and for all. This seemed to be going really well and, honestly, I did feel somewhat liberated. But then the CD I listen to nightly stopped playing and I lost the thread a bit. So I traipsed off to the hypnotist again and he very kindly did it again and gave me a new CD. I left his office as happy as Larry and sooooo determined.

Now, 4 days later, I’m getting very concerned he has mixed up the cd’s and given me one to cure someone of anorexia! Dear God I could eat the chair I’m sitting on! I have blamed the clocks going back, the rain, being tired……….you name it, I’ve blamed it.

I look at my slim friends and have to admire their self-control, their discipline,…..but I also wonder why some folk can just say “no” to the excess calories and some of us just can’t seem to pass a chocolate, crisp or chip without wanting to reach out for it. ( Yeah, me and a few million others!)

I fully realise prioritising weight loss, self-esteem, self-respect and all those other selfs, all play their part in anyone’s success or ( dare I say) failure in this battle, but, I have to say, my slim friends suffer from all of the same life-stressors as me, so why do some of us feel the need to chow down like champions!

In the meantime I will continue with my “non-diet diet” and think health, not weight. It’s not about “skinny” any more. I’d just like to set down the small child I have been lugging about for too many years.



2 thoughts on “Look Into My Eyes………….

  1. As a real good friend of mine once said whilst we put the world to right over an M&S special “thin’s in but fat’s where its at ” !!!!!! Hey ………………….I believed her !!!!


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