Thoughts on “10 hours walking in NYC” video

I have replied to a few blogs on various aspects of this video and it has brought to mind some of the many instances I have  experienced, throughout my life, of this type of behaviour from men.

The time, place and context of each occasion made a huge difference to my reaction, depending on whether I felt afraid, embarrassed or just plain pissed off.

It’s funny though how at the time I thought a lot of it was just a fact of life and had to be put up with. Now that I have two daughters of my own though, and also because of a lot of hard work by women’s groups world-wide, I feel quite differently.

I can take a “joke” with the best of them but unfortunately there are still too many men getting away totally inappropriate behaviour and passing it off as “having a laugh”.

It seems that having a penis, even if it is coming out of the middle of their foreheads, still gives SOME men a feeling of superiority.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “10 hours walking in NYC” video

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