It’s the Small Stuff that Makes you Sweat!

I understand, honestly I do. Take care of the big things in life and let the “small stuff” take care of itself.

But it’s the “small stuff” that gets you!!

I can get my head around the major decisions/issues, take time to compose my thoughts and sort out my coping mechanisms and then, the minutiae, the day-to-day dross, just knocks me on my ass. It sucks the life out of you and you think,

“Ugh, just kill me now.”

I suppose though, even this “stuff” can actually be spilt into two camps; the unavoidable crap that just IS, and the mind-numbing, nerve jangling shit that some people dream up and attach a huge importance to, as if to justify their existence.

It’s the futility of it all that is so frustrating. Each thing may be so petty, so insignificant and yet, when they all pile up, the effect can be shattering.

For Christmas I’m going to ask for an “Auto-Delete” button in my head, so I can discard this life-draining bilge before it gets a chance to ruin another day.

1 thought on “It’s the Small Stuff that Makes you Sweat!

  1. Love it.

    Seems universal, certainly retirement isn’t the answer either, perhaps we need it all to tell us we are still breathing.

    Keep it up.



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