To Have and Have Not !

I was watching breakfast TV the other morning and two people were reviewing the days papers. One of them, a young and very successful businesswoman, was discussing an upcoming seminar/forum on how women can ” Have it All”. She went on to explain this referred to having a career and children and the “Right” to have both. ….. I’m taking deep breaths here….

What a Pile Of Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick to my back teeth of this utter shit being peddled to young women and girls. When will folk get tired of selling this nonsense. What are we doing but setting these women up for huge disappointments.

It’s NOT about “Right.”

It IS about choice; choosing which will come first ( and I’m not talking timing here but priorities). It’s about compromise, huge compromise; wondering if you doing any of it passably well. It’s about guilt in bucket loads.

The bit that saddens me most about this though is why we have a ” I want it ALL” society. No-one, man or woman, should or can have it all. It’s a myth.

If you are very fortunate you will get what you work hard for. It is a blessing, not an entitlement.

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