And so, Life turns another page….

“It’s breast cancer Becky.”

I gulped, so did my friend, whilst she held my hand and assured me it would be okay.

The lovely doctor talked on, but I didn’t catch a lot of it. Her tone was gentle and comforting.

“Have you any questions Becky?”

“Yes… I going to die?”

“We don’t even talk about that at this stage. Honestly, it will be fine Becky.”

“Do my daughters need to get checked? Can this affect them?”

“No, they are not at any increased risk.”

That was it, I was all out of questions. I picked up all the helpful publications and nodded agreement as to what was going to happen next.

We left and went to replenish our coping mechanisms with tea and cake.

“How come I haven’t lost any weight Stella?” I asked as I snaffled down my hot, buttered scone that could feed three adults.

“I don’t think it always works like that,” she answered sagely. “How do you feel,” she asked.

Five weeks later I still feel the same. Honestly.

Grateful !

Grateful to all those women that went before me, without my luck, and allowed tests to be performed on them , with the hope of helping others like me; to all the millions of people worldwide that have helped fund amazing research into curing this disease and to the doctors, nurses and specialists who dedicate their lives to helping folk like me.

I am so grateful to you all.

There is no “Why Me?”.

Why NOT me?

But I didn’t need this to know I am blessed; blessed with incredible family and friends, who cradle me in their kindness, their love and their humor.

I’ll be grand ! xx

6 thoughts on “And so, Life turns another page….

  1. Delighted to see you posting again and love & prayers as you start out on a new journey with lots of stories to tell x


  2. Yes WILL be grand .. with the help of our wonderful doctors and nurses to keep you on the path to recovery. ..chin up babes…we are with you all the way..xx


    1. So delighted your back on this. It’s been a long time. Sorry it’s been with this news but your an amazing lady with so much still to teach and give this world so definitely yeah you’ll be grand.
      You brought so many smiles to my face and others over the years. And you have so much to look forward to. So you’ll beat this my beautiful friend xxx


      1. Thanks Sheila. It really helps to get back to the blog. I really appreciate your feedback and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Xxxx


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