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Friend or Foe…..or Just Family?

Well, have you all had your quota of loving, family meals and together time for the year? Are you still bathing in the warm glow of tenderness and family feeling? Or, perhaps, like 99% of the rest of us, you embrace the chance of getting back to work and some semblance of normality.

After spending my formative years watching Hollywood’s take on Christmas it’s little wonder I feel like I constantly fall some way short of the saccharine-sweet depiction of the festive season being pumped out of the “Dream-Factory”. And that’s what it is, a dream, a myth! Yet so many of my female friends expend a huge amount of energy trying to create this magical, fantastical image of Christmas.

But here’s the funny part. I don’t see much of either my brother or sister. We all live in different countries and, for many silly reasons, we don’t particularly get on. And yet….if for any reason they needed me, my help, or one of my kidneys, they would have it. They are my family and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s what being family means.

Okay, I accept that we make accommodations at this time of year; we compromise for the greater good with a definite end-time in sight, and that is fine. But to spend time with folk I would not even wish to break breath with at any other time, no! That is a step too far.

If Christmas is a time of “Love” and “Kindness”, then start with loving and being kind to yourself and do it your way.

When you watch all those great, classical, lovey-dovey Christmas movies just keep one thing in mind; they were also great actors!

Hurry Up and Wait!

I have often wondered how thin the veneer of fellow- feeling ,even ( or sometimes especially) around Christmas is. Well, thanks to a balls-up at the air traffic control center, I had a mixed picture of it; up close and personal.

Amazing how NATS kept highlighting the speed with which they fixed the “glitch” and yet the knock on effect kept spreading, the repercussions being felt by thousands. One family, with young children, and already travelling for 26 hours, were hoping their flight to Montreal would get to take off; another young man going to miss his sisters wedding back in Germany. And so on and so on………..  All remarkably calm and accepting that no-one actually set out to piss us all off.  And certainly I did not witness anyone take their frustrations out on the airline staff; all doing their best to help their customers and work their way through the huge queues.

I had plenty of time to observe those around me and came to a conclusion! The folk that got grumpy and felt hard done by, behaving like the worst kind of diva, will, most probably, behave the very same way in any and every other aspect of their daily life; and so will those that laughed and joked, offered their seats or a helping hand to their fellow sufferers.

You cannot blame circumstance on your bad temper. It is ALWAYS a choice.

Frustration, helplessness; yes. I felt that, and so did most of those I could see , but I had some great conversations, met some lovely people and had some really terrific laughs! I chose that path.  Hmmmm……..here endeth the nice me…………..

My flight was cancelled. Okay, no problem. Long schlep to collect my checked luggage and then verrrrryyy long queue for a taxi to a very expensive hotel for the night. Okay, still no problem.

Woken by the phone belonging to the pillick in the next room who had gone out but left his bloody phone behind, and it rang, and rang and rang! Getting a bit cross at this point!

Then some silly bitches( pished as farts), attending a Christmas party in the expensive hotel, decided to declare their love for one another outside my room door for what seemed like hours and at the top of the voices. Oh happy days!

And just to top it all, the DJ( not sure if they are still called that, but I did manage to find a few new names for him)played Wham’s “Last Christmas” and the entire works of the late, great Michael Jackson until the wee small hours of the morning, with one of the speakers about 10 feet from my room door.

The night manager explained to me the next morning that I was lucky to get that room as they close these down when a party is on!! They only opened these four rooms when they heard about the problems at Heathrow.(to help out and not cash in I’m sure)

Ah, bless………..Now that’s the Christmas spirit for you!!!!!!!!!!