Back to That Sunday Night Feeling

Fair enough, I have a busy day tomorrow, but not anything I don’t actually enjoy doing so why oh why do I dread it sooooo much?

And, I have actually achieved quite a lot of the “stuff” I had hoped to so, again, why can’t I get my head space sorted?

If I could answer this one I think I would publish it and retire on the proceeds. That would be a very neat way out…………no more Sunday night feelings! Or maybe not..

Okay all you retired folks; do you still get this, or did it cease the day you handed in your work passes, company cars and fringe benefits??


2 thoughts on “Back to That Sunday Night Feeling

  1. Just getting caught up on TFOTV posts and am still loving them. As for the Sunday night feeling for retiree’s, it mostly disappears quite quickly, but there is still something different about Sunday night that still causes an uneasy feeling up the back of your neck, as if there is something important not quite completed. I think with time even that will fade.

    Decency, by the way, is a two way street. The more decently I treat people, the more decent people I meet!

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    1. Fair point bw. It’s a bit like a smile, share it and it’s amazing how quickly it can spread.
      But, even if you are met with a less than decent response should we let that affect how we feel or treat others.
      Of course not, but unfortunately our ability to cope with negativity in others very much depends on how positive we are feeling at that time.
      The “I should”s in life are usually quite obvious, it’s finding the grace in ourselves to make these the “I did”s that proves more problematic.


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