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Life By The “Indirect” Route

Just watched an advert on TV for a new show about a guy, Sean, running from John O’ Groats to Lands End by the most indirect route, totalling 1000 miles. ( check out )

Mmmm, I thought, I fancy trying to live by the “Indirect Route.”

Of course I couldn’t do this all of the time ( God forbid, the world might fall apart if the washing got behind ) , but just every now and again I would like to get from waking up back to bedtime without thinking about time and energy efficiency, and take the more meandering path from morning to night. I would like to set off to somewhere, but perhaps not get there because I found a wonderful distraction along the way.

I suppose this is just another way of expressing the “Stop and Smell the Roses” train of thought, but I liked this guy’s way of putting it.

Even for a weekend I am going to try to throw away my “Life Sat Nav” and wander down the many paths less travelled.

My “Field of Dreams”

I’m talking about the 1989 movie of course and I forget, every now and again, just how much of an impression it left on me all those years ago. I have a habit of repeating the famous “Build it and he will come” line when faced with a challenge that requires a leap of faith, becoming a mantra for me.

I have just watched it again and it never fails to leave me with tears streaming down my face, but much more importantly, it leaves me with a great sense of peace and a renewed desire to chase my own dreams, to believe that, with enough self-belief, anything is possible; even finding peace with the loss of those you love most.

This movie should be required viewing for anyone living too much in the harshness of reality, having banished their childhood dreams to the long and distant past and closed off their heart to hope.

And, on a more earthly note, a very sweet looking Kevin Costner, the dazzling eyes of Ray Liotta and the honey-rich tones of James Earl Jones do no harm either!

Back to That Sunday Night Feeling

Fair enough, I have a busy day tomorrow, but not anything I don’t actually enjoy doing so why oh why do I dread it sooooo much?

And, I have actually achieved quite a lot of the “stuff” I had hoped to so, again, why can’t I get my head space sorted?

If I could answer this one I think I would publish it and retire on the proceeds. That would be a very neat way out…………no more Sunday night feelings! Or maybe not..

Okay all you retired folks; do you still get this, or did it cease the day you handed in your work passes, company cars and fringe benefits??


The Promise of a Sunday Morning

I prefer Sunday mornings to any other time of the week. I absolutely love this time; the indulgence of reading the papers with several cups of coffee, making plans for what I am going to accomplish through the rest of the day ( even though I would usually need the ability to bend time in order to achieve everything) or maybe, sometimes, deciding that the most I am going to accomplish is to sit on my backside and watch old movies, the type that used to be called the “Sunday Matinee” when I was a child.

It’s the not having to do anything that counts and I can get really bothered if arrangements are made for Sundays. I feel robbed and, regardless of how wonderful those arrangements turn out to be, I start my working week feeling tired and out of sorts.

And of course at this time of year you have the fire lit, it’s cold and raining outside, and is there a better place to be than warming your toes in front of your own hearth with a full day of suiting yourself ahead??

Okay………..mine isn’t quite as idyllic as that either BUT I generally don’t mind the washing, cleaning and ( to-day) decorating, because I’m not trying to fit it all in around a full-time job as well!

The smell of a fresh pot of coffee is wafting through the house now, Miss Marple is sleuthing away on the TV and the washing machine has just stopped. Oh but the simple pleasures are the best!


A Touch of The Good Life

I have had the most beautiful experience to-day; a wonderful facial with a neck, shoulder and foot massage. It was heaven on earth and I think the lovely beautician, Hannah, has hands that are a gift from God !

This was a great Christmas present; last Christmas !

I wonder why I have put this off for so long, almost in fact until the gift voucher ran out of date. Why do so many women I know do the same thing? I think part of it, for me anyway, is the knowledge and comfort of having a bit of indulgence just a booking away, with no guilt attached as it is all paid for.  It’s like having an escape route at your finger tips, even if it is only for half a day, or an hour and a half like mine to-day.

The smells and soothing sounds, along with the wonderful Hannah, helped take the wrinkles out of my neck, shoulders, face and, most importantly, my mind. In this indulgent atmosphere I was able to take a more charitable and understanding view of the various happenings during the week. The feeling of peace allowed me to take a step back and look into my life from the outside, offering another perspective of different situations and, potentially, different solutions. This I reckon is the “peace” that so many of my friends, men and women, are searching for. It’s like switching off the white noise in your head.

Some people tell me you can train yourself to find this in your day-to-day life through meditation or “mindfulness”. I don’t know but I suppose I could try……. OR maybe I’ll just bring Hannah home with me!!


Far be it from me to say…….but

It’s the early hours of Saturday morning and I’m feeling really chilled, the best part of the weekend because it’s all in front of you. Brilliant.

It has been a stinker of a week but, thanks to my fantastic mates ( male and female) I am still in one piece and have not throttled anyone as yet. It’s all good. I am calm, peaceful and at one with the world. I have decided not to stress about work, unfairness, people being idiots (ahh, bless), my kitchen being a shit-hole every time I come home ( he’s baking Christmas puds  ‘cos I’m not quite fat enough yet), the dog rolling in crap when you let her out ( looovvvely)… know what I mean, you get the picture. Well, none of that bothers me any more because I have found the path to inner harmony…………………….

Eh, I don’t bloody think so!  No.

At least not all of it. I actually have at last got my head around some of my work related stress and for now that is an incredible relief, it really is, and maybe that’s enough. I can never imagine myself being ” at peace” with the WORLD ( neither could anyone that knows me); there is just too much shit going on out there to find peace with all of it at the same time. But, “A” peace in “any” part of your life is a blessing, and so are those that help you find it!

Thanks guys. Love you.