The Promise of a Sunday Morning

I prefer Sunday mornings to any other time of the week. I absolutely love this time; the indulgence of reading the papers with several cups of coffee, making plans for what I am going to accomplish through the rest of the day ( even though I would usually need the ability to bend time in order to achieve everything) or maybe, sometimes, deciding that the most I am going to accomplish is to sit on my backside and watch old movies, the type that used to be called the “Sunday Matinee” when I was a child.

It’s the not having to do anything that counts and I can get really bothered if arrangements are made for Sundays. I feel robbed and, regardless of how wonderful those arrangements turn out to be, I start my working week feeling tired and out of sorts.

And of course at this time of year you have the fire lit, it’s cold and raining outside, and is there a better place to be than warming your toes in front of your own hearth with a full day of suiting yourself ahead??

Okay………..mine isn’t quite as idyllic as that either BUT I generally don’t mind the washing, cleaning and ( to-day) decorating, because I’m not trying to fit it all in around a full-time job as well!

The smell of a fresh pot of coffee is wafting through the house now, Miss Marple is sleuthing away on the TV and the washing machine has just stopped. Oh but the simple pleasures are the best!


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