It’s a New Year So I Resolve To……………………

Mmmmmm, so many options; lose weight, spend more time with my family, spend more time with my friends, spend less money.

The New Year gives us a chance to wipe the slate clean, start afresh and leave the failed resolutions of 2014 far behind. But why deal with life’s challenges in yearly chunks? Why hang on to our “failures” for even a moment longer than we need to process what it is we need to take from them to learn and move on?

I want to wake up each day with a determination to do the best I am capable of for that day; not a week, a fortnight or a month, just that day.

I want to give no energy whatsoever to the toxic, joy-sapping individuals that have occupied too much valuable head-space in the past, but concentrate instead on people and events that lighten my soul and reinforce how truly beautiful life can be. Even writing this down is helping me lose weight; the awful, all-consuming weight of a heavy heart.

See, I’m smiling now.

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