And I’m Feeling Good……………..

Maybe I should be singing this line? Mmmmm, maybe not as I couldn’t carry a note in a bucket !

Anyway, I am feeling sooooooo good. Took positive steps to do something to lose a bit of weight, had a catch up with a good friend I have not seen in a while and bought a lovely new RED lipstick when I was out shopping with one of my lovely daughters. What more could a girlie (okay middle aged woman) ask for?

Oh, except the ladies at the make-up counter were absolutely brilliant and we had a real hoot while spending some( not too much) money. And, also had a lot of laughs with some lovely people at the slimming club. And, found some common ground with the lady in the coffee shop…………..You getting the picture?

I wanted to have a good day to-day and I DID. It could have gone the other way at several of points throughout the day, but I chose the positive and the calm. I am writing this down as much for my benefit as anyone else. Hopefully the next time my shoulders slump due to the weight of the world pressing down on me I will think of this lovely day and cast the blackness aside.

Choose your mood.

2 thoughts on “And I’m Feeling Good……………..

  1. Yep, a positive attitude may not solve all our problems but it certainly helps us to deal with them. It really is up to us to choose our mood.

    And there’s nothing like a little bit of Nina Simone to help us feel good! Thanks.

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    1. Exactly! As I mentioned it could have gone the other way at several points throughout the day, but it didn’t. And yes, yesterday I had the energy and lack of excessive white noise from work etc, which gave me that essential breathing space to make the choice to remain positive, but my goodness, when you do actually get it right the feeling is just great.
      Now my real test starts; that “Sunday Night Feeling”. I’ll let you know how this goes.


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